The Gamechanger

Ready to make a global impact.

Droneseeding is a game-changer for one reason: the numbers. One team with two operators flying twelve drones can plant hundreds of thousands of seeds in a single day. One small team can plant hundreds of millions of seeds in a few months. Imagine 50 teams planting 15 billion seeds in one year.

Numbers like these can have global impact.

Drone Seeding
Drone Seeding

One small team can plant hundreds of millions of seeds in a few months.

Speed Scale

At Speed. At Scale.

This is all possible because of recent developments in drone technology. For the first time we can plant literally billions of tree seeds at speed. First, mapping drones make 3D terrain maps. Planting drones follow, dropping biodegradable seedpods with primed seeds and optimized nutrients into the soil. Organic herbicides, pesticides, and animal repellent can be included in the seedpod or programmed after planting in targeted applications. Post-planting can also include monitoring, plant health indices, and a broad spectrum of analytics to help the seeds become a thriving forest.

Droneseeding is how we scale it all up.



We can help create a beautiful future for our children. But to do this we’ll have to gear up fast and scale up even faster. 50 teams can plant 15b seeds in a year but even those numbers fall far, far short because 15b is the number of trees Earth already loses every year. If 20% of those 15b seeds become trees, that’s 3 billion restored trees – and we still lose 12b trees. Every year. To offset that loss alone, much less increase the number of trees on the planet, we’ll need 2,500 droneseeding teams operating full time. That’s a huge target. But if we have any hope of keeping our planet green and our ecosystems from further collapse, we all need everyone’s help.

Doing it together is the only way.