The Rising

We create accelerated solutions for regenerative forestry, agriculture, and ecosystem resilience. Droneseeding dramatically scales up planting and restoration of landscape-scale forestlands, watersheds, and habitats, helping in the process to offset the effects of climate change.

At Speed. At Scale.

A vital new hope for ecosystem restoration everywhere.

Extinction & deforestation


Advances in drone technology enable us to automate and scale up restoration in any environment.

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Drones & seeds


Optimized seedpods provide nutrients and protection from disease and predation so the seeds can become a thriving ecosystem.

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Together, we rise

Smart Farming

Includes monitoring, plant health indices, and a broad spectrum of analytics.

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Regreen our world.

Plant more for less.

Successful Seeds

We create large-scale volumes of optimized seedpods with any combination of seeds, from towering redwoods to humble cover crop. Grasses for erosion control. Legumes to restore nitrogen-fixing rhizobia to the soil. Mycorrhizal spores so the plant and fungus begin their symbiotic relationship from the beginning to increase the plants’ health, vigor, and strength. And “Ecoballs,” which contain multiple species including native grasses, pollinators, forbs, and dominant species to restore whole ecosystems in one planting. Whether for agriculture or silviculture we cover any kind of ground with any kind of seed.