Rainforest Rising

Accelerated Solutions
for Regenerative Forestry

Climate change came quickly for Californians.

Accelerated Solutions

As California sets records year after year for the driest, hottest forests and most dangerous wildfires in North America, we have a responsibility not just to identify areas of vulnerability but to lead the solution.

Automated Restoration

Automated Reforestation

Advanced drone technology capitalizes on innovation and allows Rainforest Rising to dramatically ramp up restoration in large, landscape-scale forestlands.

  • Protect watersheds
  • Restore habitats
  • Offset Climate Change
  • Advance development of sustainable urban & community forests

More Efficient, More Economical

One small team can plant hundreds of thousands of seeds in a single day. An array of post-planting analytics can also be programmed as well as up-to-date planting practices for fire resiliency.

There are six regions and some 85 seed zones in California with similar climates, soils, flora, and fauna. In collaboration with experts and forestry agencies, our goal is to determine an optimal restoration strategy for each micro-climate.

Our Goals

Our goals in bringing droneseeding to California are to restore forest health and conserve working forests, protect upper watersheds and wildlife habitats, and promote long-term storage of carbon in forest trees and soils.

Working Together

With the help of state planners, scholars, and private enterprise droneseeding can become a robust and reliable way to scale up restoration. We look forward to opening a conversation about how we can work together.

Where California goes so goes the nation, and often the rest of the world.

We have agency. We can shape the future.